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The Alumni Association of Vocational Training Authority (VTA)
represents all centers of VTA and thereby all Certificate
holders and Diploma holders of VTA.

With 25 years of existence, VTA is proud of its 200,000+ professionals who walked the hallowed grounds of VTA and climbed the ladders of their respective fields to prosperity and recognition.

With the vision of “Becoming the widest spread and strongest alumni in the world that supports the betterment of its Community and the VTA in particular and thereby the society in general” the VTA Alumni association “Work towards building the strongest ever Vocational Training sector alumni among the Sri Lankan Vocational alumni associations and lead all alumni members for their succession”. Through its various networking events and activities, VTA Alumni aims to reconnect with the old and help shape the future minds by helping them in many ways by assisting them in their path to immensity.

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Alumni Association of VTASL


Alumni Association of VTASL

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Alumni Association of VTASL

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Alumni Association of VTASL

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